Read this the next time you don’t think you’re ready….

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Dec 13
Do it anyway #spartachicks

You’re ready - so go and do it…

You’re ready - so go and do it…

You’re ready - so go and do it…

You’re ready - so go and do it…

You’re ready - so go and do it…

You’re ready - so go and do it…


I can’t think of a single time in my life I’ve felt “ready”.

In my previous life as a Lawyer, I had 5 years full-time at University, a 9-month graduate course and 6 months working as a para-legal under my belt before I started. Yet I sure-as-hell didn’t feel “ready” to start working as a Lawyer on the day I was admitted to the Supreme Court.

I still remember the day I was handed my business card with “Lawyer” on it and thinking to myself “Fark, I’m not ready for this”.

And in the years since - whether it’s been lining up on the start line at a race that scares me, starting 2 businesses, writing a book or putting my hand up to speak at events - I sure-as-hell never felt ready to do any of those things.

I hear so many women tell me they’ll sign up for their first triathlon, enter an ocean swim, go trail running, put themselves forward for a promotion at work or apply for a new job - when they feel confident, strong, fit, and ready “enough”.

But what I’ve realised over the years is you’ll probably never feel ready - you’ll always feel there is more you could, should, want or need to do. And if you wait until you feel “ready” before you enter or start, well…. you’ll be waiting a while.

A friend gave me some great advice before my first 25km trail race many years ago. She had asked how I was feeling and I responded by saying “I’m not ready”. She told me the race was tomorrow (it was!) and I was as ready as I was ever going to be. She was right! The race wasn’t going anywhere. There was no more time to train so I was, in fact, “ready”. It certainly did feel like it. But given I crossed the finish line, I guess I was!

It’s so easy to caught up in our heads, to overthink and overanalyse. But you’ll never think you’re way into being or feeling “ready”. It doesn’t come from your mindset; it comes from your actions.

As your thoughts begin to turn towards your goals for 2017, don’t let your fears of not being “ready” hold you back. The next time that fear creeps in, recognise it for what it is (a story), re-write your story and go for it.

Having attended 2 funerals this year for friends not much older than myself, it has reinforced that life is short, none of us are getting any younger and life is a collection of experiences which you won’t get to enjoy, learn from and remember fondly if you’re sitting on the couch wondering if you’re ready.

You are ready - so go and do it! 🙂